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FREE 04 Jul 2021

Gall Bladder

Gallbladder Gallbladder is an elongated pear-shaped sac It is located in the f...

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FREE 01 Jul 2021


Liver Anatomy The liver is the largest gland of the body. Liver color: Red-bro...

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FREE 24 Jun 2021

Large Intestine

LARGE INTESTINE Length: About 1.5 m long. Extension: From the caecum in the ri...

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FREE 22 Jun 2021

Small Intestine (Jejunum & Ileum)

Small intestine The small gut extends from the pyloric end of the stomach to th...

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FREE 21 Jun 2021


Extension length 1st part (5 cm)Extends from the pylorus to the superior...

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FREE 20 Jun 2021


Stomach is the widest and most distensible part of the alimentary canal between ...

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FREE 20 Jun 2021

Anterior Abdominal Wall

Boundaries of the anterior abdominal wall Above:Xiphoid process left and ...

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FREE 27 Nov 2020

General Histology 1

Epithelium/Connective Tissues Histology Slide 1: SEROUS GLAND DRAWING: ...

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