You Are Welcomed To Emedicodiary

When sunsets, we start to search for a candle. Similarly, when a problem arises we start to search for the solution. This site is the creation after researching the problem of many more medical students. When a medical life begins every medical student started to face the common problem. They don’t know how to read? What to read?  To solve all those problems. Our team members are always with you. You can find some features on our site which are more important to you like the collection of notes, important question collection, well-labeled diagrams, quizzes. Some of our features with their importance are mentioned bellow.


You know that medicine is one of the tough course. In a fixed time period you have to cover all the syllabus. You have to give many more exams. You will become so much busy. Besides your all effort You can't make all those notes which are important for the exam point of view. To assist you we have a collection of notes.


There are many more books available in the market. You cant buy all those books. But you may need some books as a reference. Now you don’t need to worry about it. We have a collection of various books in pdf format. You can visit our book category to download it.

Similarly Books we published in our Book category, are not owned by us. We downloaded it from other websites and used for informational purpose only. If anyone has offense with those books pdf format regarding copyright claim, one can simply contact us in  Facebook, Gmail regarding the matters. We are ready to delete all those copyright contents in our Book Category.

Ask Questions

In this portion, you can raise questions. Anyone who knows the answer can easily give an answer in the comment box. One interesting fact is that those answers will be stored in the profile section of that user who will ask questions.


Nowadays objective questions are more focused then subjective. You have to face many more entrance exams in the near future. To crack those competitive exams these quiz portions will help you a lot to build up the confidence level.


In this category, you will get a collection of all those diagrams which will be important for the professional examination.


On the home page, there are many more blogs. All the blogs are inspiring and for proper guidance. you can motivate yourself through those blogs.  


On our website, there are many more features besides those features which are mentioned above. You can practice many mores questions (chapter wise, Card collection, Term collection) which are important for a professional examination. OSPE related questions with answers and many more.