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Emedicodiary.com is a website that is operated by the emedicodiary’s team for the medical students with the aim of providing comprehensive notes and other important conceptual details that could provide essential aid in their medical journey.

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Our terms & condition includes:

  • From start to till the end of subscription our responsibility towards user
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How to get full access to the emedicodiary?

You can access certain contents without sign up.
But to access all the features and content of our site you need to first sign up. You have to own our subscription plan. After that you can easily access all the content as per your subscription.

You are not allowed to share your ID and password, especially for business purposes. If you will do so then your account will be blocked permanently.


What are the features of emedicodiary?

  • Comprehensive chapter wise notes
  • Common viva questions with answer
  • OSEP related questions with answers
  • Accessible to download many more medical books
  • Important diagrams for examination
  • Animated virtual diagrams
  • Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) models and MCQ tests
  • Question collections from different university

How much cost I need to pay for the subscription plan?

  • Sign up and access some contents are free.
  • To access all the contents, you have to buy our subscription plan on our subscription page.

How to pay the amount for the subscription?

We accept payment through local bank transfer and wallet to wallet transfer.


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Skrill, PayPal

Can I do advance payment?

No, we don’t accept advance payment.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Before buying a subscription plan you are free to access our unpaid contents.
If you are satisfying you can go for the subscription plan.
After buying a subscription plan you cannot cancel it.

Do we auto-renew your subscription plan?

No, we don’t autorenewal your subscription plan unless you desire.


Do we store your privacy while making payment?

No, we do not collect & store your privacy-related information while making payment.


What is emedicodiary liability and how is it limited?

We are available maximum time with the user. We have live support too.

Any technical fault or interpretation may arise while repairing and maintenance.
We will try to fix those problems as soon as possible.

We will neither guarantee the validity nor the accuracy of additional content provided on the emedicodiary.
But we will try to work together with experts in each content. If you are finding any sorts of mistake then please try to contact us, so that we can correct them.
We are fully responsible for all the damages due to our negligence.

There are two sorts of damage one is minor and another is major. We are responsible for the major damages due to our team negligence.
But we are not responsible for the minor damage caused by slight negligence. In the case of major damages, we are agreed to follow the law.


Who has the right to calm the copyright?

All the contents on the emedicodiary are created and published by emedicodiary. All those contents are only for your personal use and those contents provided to your account are protected by Copyright.


Can I own the content?

Yes, if you want to own the contents of our website then you need to take written permission.
Please contact us to own any content.