MBBS 1st Year Question Collection Of Vitamins And Food & Nutrition (Biochemistry)

MBBS 1st Year Question Collection Of Vitamins And Food & Nutrition (Biochemistry)


  1. Define and classify vitamin
  2. Enumerate coenzyme derived from Vit B .complex.
  3. Mention the chemical name and active from fat-soluble vitamins.
  4. What are the source and function of (a) Vit-A (b) Vit-B (c) Vit-E (d) folic acid
  5. What biochemical effect occurs in rickets and osteomalacia?
  6. Classify B-complex vitamin.
  7. Mention the activities form of B-complex vitamin ( use and metabolism).
  8. SN: Antioxidant vitamin
  9. Mention function of B-complex vitamin
  10. How active form of Vit -D is formed.
  11. Mention the RDA of Vit D.
  12. What is the deficiency manifestation of (i) Thiamin (ii) folic acid (iii) Vit C (iv) Vit A?
  13. State the properties of water and soluble vitamins.
  14. What is a non-toxic vitamin?
  15. Enumerate active form of five water-soluble vitamins
  16. What do you mean by trace elements?
  17. Enumerate trace elements.
  18. Mention the source and function of * zinc * iron * iodine * selenium
  19. What are micronutrients
  20. SN: folate trap.
  21. Mention the functions of 5 common trace elements.
  22. What do you mean by mucosal block theory in relation to iron homeostasis?
  23. Discuss the role of trace elements of ca and state function of Ca.
  24. RDA of Vit C.
  25. Mention the other names, source, function, deficiency, active, form of following vitamin bit 1, B2, B3, B6, B12.
  26. State the source of RDA, junctions of B12 and biotin. Mention their deficiency features.
  27. Write down the functions of dietary CHO.
  28. What is a hematopoietic vitamin? Name their active form and biomedical function.
  29. What are the energy-releasing vitamin? Name their active form and deficiency manifestation.
  30. Mention the absorption and metabolism of iron.
  31. What is tetany give the blood label of Ca and state function of Ca?
  32. What are toxic vitamins? Mention the chemistry and biomedical function of Vit A.
  33. What is the source of the sun shines vitamin? Describe its endogenous source with a diagram.
  34. What are the benefits effect of dietary fiber? Write the significance of dietary protein.
  35. How Vit D maintain Ca2+ homeostasis.

Food and nutrition

  1. What are the energy-releasing nutrients?
  2. Name the nutrients. Mention their RDA
  3. What is the balanced diet for a pregnant lady
  4. Prepare a balanced diet for a pregnant lady?
  5. Lactating mother of 60kg.
  6. What is a balanced diet
  7. What is BMR?
  8. What are the advantages & disadvantages of dietary fiber
  9. Mention the factors affecting BMR.
  10. What are the ways of Basal Energy expenditure?
  11. What are the common nutritional problems in Bangladesh?
  12. What are the ways of Basal Energy expenditure
  13. What are the common nutritional problems in Bangladesh?.
  14. State the difference between kwashiorkor and marasmus.
  15. SN: i) foods pyramid b) SDA c) tumors markers
  16. Define the food diet. Nutrients a balanced diet for 60 kg male students.
  17. A lactating mother of 50kg prescribe her required amount of energy-releasing nutrients
  18. Define nutrients and classify them.
  19. Define RDA.
  20. What is an essential nutrient obtained from diets?
  21. What are the sources and importance of different dietary food?
  22. What are the factors for calculating Basal calorie requirements?
  23. State the basic dietary principal. Discuss the role of protein in the diet.
  24. What are the free radicals? Write about natural defense against free radicals.
  25. Name food containing dietary fiber. Give its positive and negative effects.
  26. Write down the source, RDA, function and deficiency features of iron and iodine.
  27. Define RMR? How RMR is expressed? Name the factors that influence RMR.
  28. Define BMI and thermogenesis
  29. How energy is used in the body.
  30. Define malnutrition.
  31. How nutrition status can be assessed.
  32. Define BMI
  33. Anion gap
  34. Dietary fiber
  35. Calculate the daily energy requirements of a 50kg female medical student.
  36. Short note: i) balance diet ii) hypokalemia
  37. What is a trace element, sources and function of Zn, Fe, and I
  38. Classify nutrients
  39. The energy density of macronutrients
  40. What are the energy-requiring processes in the human body

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