MBBS 1st Year Question Collection Of Body Fluid and Temperature(Physiology)

Body fluid and electrolytes

  1. Write about the fluid compartment of the body with volume.
  2. How will you measure ECF volume?
  3. How water is metabolized in the body?
  4. Formulate the daily water intake and output of a normal adult male.
  5. What is the water turnover?
  6. Why infants get quickly dehydrated than adults?
  7. Classify body fluid volume disorder with changes.
  8. Short note on
  9. Water intoxication
  10. Hypocalcemia
  11. What are the changes and effects of hypocalcemia?
  12. Physiological range of Na+, HCO3-, Cl- in ECF.

Temperature and regulation

  1. What do you mean by core and shell temperature?
  2. How is body temperature regulated? Role of hypothalamus in it.
  3. How is body temperature regulated in a hot climate?
  4. Process of heat gain and heat-loss from body.
  5. What is a fever?
  6. Short note:- Heatstroke