3rd Terminal Questions Physiology ( physiology questions )

physiology questions

Session: 2016-2017


1. Name the hormones of the hypothalamus. Discuss the functions of growth hormone. Difference between gigantism and acromegaly.

2. State the biosynthesis of thyroid hormone. Describe how does it act. Write the effect of thyroid hormone on growth.

3. Name the hormones that maintain Ca++ homeostasis. How Ca++ homeostasis is maintained in our body? Write down the effect of parathyroidectomy.

4. What are the hormones secreted from adrenal cortex? Write down the non-metabolic function of cortisol. What is Addison's disease?

5. Define puberty. Write down the secondary sex characteristics in males. Mention the function of testosterone.

6. Define spermatogenesis. What are the stages of spermatogenesis? Give the hormonal control of spermatogenesis.

7. Name the hormones that act on breast with their functions. Describe the Milk-Ejection reflex. What is an anovulatory cycle?

8. Write short notes on:
    -Corpus luteum
    -Uterine milk

Group: B
1. What is reflex? Trace the pathway of light reflex. What are the effect of lesion of
optic chiasma and optic tract? 

2. Mention the properties of nerve fiber. Describe the conduction of impulse through nerve fiber. What is retrograde degeneration?

3. State the functions of hypothalamus. How body temperature is regulated in hot climate? Mention the heat gain process.

4. Mention the special senses with their receptor. Trace the pathway of hearing. What is deafness?

5. Name the extra pyramidal tracts. Mention their function. Give the difference between UMNL and LMNL.

6. Define and classify reflex arc with example. Trace the pathway of knee jerk. Give its importance.

7. Define synapse. Write in short about the properties of synapse. What is EPSP and IPSP?

8. Write short notes on:
     -Accommodation reaction
    -Argyl-Robertson pupil.

physiology questions

Session: 2017-2018

1) Define hormone. Classify hormone with examples. Discuss the mechanism of action of hormone by cyclic AMP second messenger system.
2) Emuerate the hormones of the hypothalamus. Write down the hypothalamic control of pituitary gland. State the function of ADH & Oxytocin.
3) Name hormones of adrenal cortex. Mention the functions & regulation of aldosterone. What is Aldosterone escape?
4) Emuerate the hormones related to blood glucose level. List the metabolic effects of insulin. What are the consequences of insulin deficiency?
5) Define ovulation. Describe the mechanism of Ovulation. What are the indicators of ovulation?
6) What is sex-determination & sex-differentiation? Write down the male secondary sexual characteristics. State the function of FSH & LH in males.
7) What are the physiological changes occur during pregnancy? Name the hormones secreted from the placenta. Write about lactational amenorrhea.
8) Short note:
    a) Corpus luteum
    b) Milk- ejection reflex

1) Write down the name & functions of the extrapyramidal tract. Give the difference between UMNL & LMNL. What is release phenomenon?
2) Name the refractive media with refractive index. Write down the causes & corrections of different types of refractive errors. What is acquity of vision?
3) Define receptor. Classify sensory receptors with examples. What are the properties of reflex action?
4) Describe briefly the effect of heme section of the spinal cord. What is brown-squadron syndrome? What are the functions of the limbic system?
5) Give the functions of the hypothalamus. How body temperature is regulated in a cold climate. Mention the heat gain process.
6) What are the functions of the cerebellum? Write down the signs symptoms of the cerebellum lesion. What are the tests for the cerebellum lesion?
7) List the types of sensation pass through the dorsal column medial lemniscus system of the spinal cord.
8) Give the pathway of pain. Differentiate between fast pain & slow pain.
9) Short note:
   a) Neurotransmitter
   b) Alarm reaction
   c) Transneural degeneration
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