MBBS questions collection of Embryology


  1. Define spermatogenesis and oogenesis.
  2. Mention the changes of germ cells during spermatogenesis and spermiogenesis.
  3. Give the difference between male and female gametes.
  4. Difference between 1st meiotic division in male and 1st meiotic division in the female.
  5. What is the acrosomal cap? Give it important.

Menstruation and ovulation

  1. Define ovulation and ovarian cycle.
  2. Name the barriers crossed by the sperm during fertilization.
  3. Gives the result of fertilization.
  4. Give the response of oocyte to fertilization.
  5. Define cleavage. The site, phase, and the result of fertilization.
  6. Draw and label blastocyst.
  7. Write the difference between morula and blastocyst.
  8. Write the difference between acrosomal reaction and zona reaction.
  9. Write short notes on capacitation.


  1. Define implantation. Give its normal and abnormal site.
  2. Describe the structure of endometrium at the time of decidua? What are its parts?
  3. Mention the characteristics change in the endometrium at the time of implantation.
  4. Mention the events of the first week of development.
  5. Draw and label the structure of a morula. How does it differ from blastocyst?
  6. Short note on decidual reaction and zona reactions.

The second week of development

  1. Draw and label 2nd week of an embryo.
  2. 2nd week of development is called the week of twos. Explain it
  3. Give the structures that develop during 2nd week of development.

Third week to 8th week of development

  1. Define gastrulation.
  2. Name four important structures derived from 3 germ layers.
  3. What do you mean by neurulation?
  4. Give the derivatives of surface ectoderm.
  5. How neural crest is formed? Give its derivative.
  6. Give formation, fate, defect of neural tube.
  7. Write down the derivations of intermediate mesoderm.
  8. Write down the derivations of intermediate mesoderm.
  9. Write down the role of primitive streak per the formation of gastrulation.
  10. Define notochord.
  11. Give different stages of development of definitive notochord.
  12. What are the different parts of intraembryonic mesoderm? Give their derivatives in a tabulated form.
  13. Short note:
  14. Notochord
  15. Primitive streak
  16. Neural ectoderm
  17. Somatomeres
  18. Paraxial mesoderm


  1. What do you mean by congenital malformation?
  2. What do you mean by teratogenesis?
  3. Write down the principle of teratogenesis?
  4. Give the development and congenital malformation of the permanent palate.
  5. Classify teratogens with examples.
  6. Make the graph showing the time in gestation versus the sick of birth defects being induced.
  7. What is decidua? Draw and label its different parts and give the fate of each part.

Fetus and placenta

  1. Name the fetal membrane.
  2. Give the structure. Development and functions of the placenta.
  3. Mention in short the development stage of placental villi.
  4. Write the structure of primary, secondary & tertiary chronic villi.
  5. Give the layers of placental barriers.
  6. What are the placental barriers? Give its structure and function.
  7. What is plancental previa?
  8. Give the structures of chronic plate presenting of fetal part of the placenta.
  9. Mention the changes that occur in the fetal circulation of birth.

Systemic embryology

  1. What is the pharyngeal apparatus?
  2. What do you mean by pharyngeal pouches and pharyngeal cleft?
  3. Give the fate of different pharyngeal arches, pouch, and cleft.
  4. Name the structure derived from pharyngeal arches, pouch, and cleft.
  5. Write down the development of the testis . How its descent to its normal position.
  6. Derivatives of First and Second pharyngeal arch.
  7. What do you mean by aortic arch artery? Describe the fate of different aortic arch arteries.
  8. What do you mean by aortic arch? give the fate of different of 4 th and 6 th aortic arches.
  9. What is a bronchial cyst? what is stomodeum and proctodeum?
  10. Give the fate of septum transverse. development a) intervertebral disc.
  11. Mention the parts of intra embryonic mesoderm. what is the fate of a somite
  12. What is cloaca? give the fate in both sexes.
  13. Give the fate and formation of gonadal duct in both sexes.
  14. How the intermaxillary segment is formed? mentions its different components and structure derived from each component.
  15. Give the fate of the mesonephric duct.
  16. Short note:
  17. Mesonephric duct
  18. Anencephaly
  19. 1st pharyngeal arch


  1. Innumerate Mendel's law of inheritance
  2. What is vasculogenesis and angiogenesis?
  3. Write the development of the tympanic membrane.
  4. What is homer syndrome?
  5. How primitive gut tube is formed? classify it name the structure derived from it.
  6. Define growth and types with examples.
  7. What do you mean by autogeny and phylogeny? “Ontogeny repeats phylogeny” Explain it.
  8. What is the difference between totipotent pluripotent characters of cell.
  9. What is gene? What do you mean by the dominant gene? Write the features of Klinefelter's syndrome.