What Are Some Home Remedies for Your Sciatic Nerve Pain

What Are Some Home Remedies for Your Sciatic Nerve Pain?

What Are Some Home Remedies for Your Sciatic Nerve Pain?

 Some people don't know what a sciatic nerve is, let alone treat its pain. The sciatic nerve controls the senses of the lower back and upper leg. But some problems can cause pain in sciatic nerve pains. So, what are some home remedies for your sciatic nerve pain?

Hot and cold compress therapy is a good remedy for reducing nerve pain. You can use the ice or hot water bag to lessen the pain. Also, you can go for a cream or a bare hand massage to decrease the pain. You can go for medicines or surgeries if the home remedies don't work well.

What Are Some Home Remedies for Your Sciatic Nerve Pain?

Before you know the home remedies or solutions for nerve pain, you should know the diagnosis process. Because you can't get the proper treatment if you fail to diagnose the problem. The problems are

  • Sharp pain in your lower back or upper thighs.
  • Stiffness in the muscles that the nerve controls.
  • Difficulty in movement may sometimes occur.

So, once you identify that you are suffering from sciatic nerve pain, you can take some home remedies if things are not too serious. Moreover, home remedies can work as a primary treatment that can reduce the severity.

Hot Compress

Hot things on a pained area can relax the pain for a while and also helps the stiff muscle recover. However, you should avoid using excessively hot water application as it may burn your skin. So, the hot water bag can be a good option for you if you put moderately heated water inside.

The heat sometimes enlarges the muscles and cells, relieving the cause of pain. So, you must either use the hot compress alone or the cold therapy.

Cold Therapy

Only cold therapy is also a good remedy for the sciatic nerve; you can use the ice bag and put it on your back. The ice bag numbs your skin and relaxes the nerves, reducing the pain. If you don't have an ice bag, you can take a single piece of ice and wrap a soft cloth around it. After covering with a cloth, you can hold the ice on the area where it's paining.

You can combine it with hot water therapy because a constant and alternative hot & cold treatment improves blood circulation. Moreover, it accelerates muscle and nerve recovery.

Body Massage

You must look for a professional for a comfortable massage on your lower back if the pain is still there after the hot and cold therapy because the massage increases blood circulation in that area. A massage may not improve nerve or muscle health, but it eases the pain for a long time.

Lay back straight on a bed, but ensure the mattress is not too soft to ruin your posture. Hire a person, or tell someone around you to give a gentle massage on your lower back and legs. But the problem here is nobody can give himself the proper massage, and it may be difficult for some of you to get a person.

Have Apple Cider Vinegar

You can eliminate sciatic pain if you keep apple cider vinegar in your diet. Apple cider vinegar is one of the prominent foods with anti-inflammatory properties. Having too much of it is unnecessary because it smells awful, but try to keep the minimum amount.

You can also include some other fruits and vegetables in your diet to maintain the mineral balance in your body. Thus, your back muscles won't cramp often, and the nerves will also not cause any pain.

Light Therapy

Light therapy can be another solution that can help you get rid of sciatic nerve pains. No matter what kind of pain it is, the red light therapy, along with other laser therapies, can be pain relieving for the sciatic. The light can go through the skin and reach the nerves and muscles around it. The nerves heal with the power it gains from the therapy and, thus, ease your pain.

Applying Creams

Some creams available on the market claim to reduce back pain or muscle cramps. Some of them are effective, and they help mitigate sciatic symptoms. So, you can apply one of the certified creams if your doctor recommends that.

Some pain relievers also come in the spray format and work like magic in reducing pain. Spray them on the correct spot to get rid of your pain.


Exercise is another effective way to reduce nerve pain though it seems complicated during the discomfort. There are many types of exercise and yoga poses that you can do to get rid of the nerve pain, such as:

  • You can fix your posture and keep your back straight; next, you can do a few sit-ups. Trust me; it will help you deal with the pain a lot.
  • Doing planks and keeping your back straight also reduces the pain a lot.
  • Stretching your back and legs also helps reduce your sciatic nerve's inflammation.
  • Bending your legs in different poses like cat-cow and bow poses helps treat sciatic symptoms.

You can try these things for seven to ten days at home. But if these methods don't work, you can take some medicines after your doctor prescribes them. On the other hand, you have to consult a surgeon to take surgery if the pain is severe.

How to Ease Nerve Pain

On top of alleviating pain, a lot of these self-care and also home treatments have the potential to prevent more serious problems from occurring and also for protecting the overall health of a person. A lot of the strategies mentioned in this article are even able to release the natural painkillers of the body. This has the very desired effect of making you feel good as well.

Making sure to stay on top of diabetes- This is probably one of the most important things but if you happen to have diabetes, make sure that your diabetes is under control. Having normal levels of blood sugar is one of the best treatments possible for nerve pain of the diabetic kind.

Walk a lot- When you exercise, your body releases plenty of natural painkillers that are known as endorphins. Exercise also helps promote the flow of blood to the nerves of the legs and the feet. Researchers have also been able to determine that when you exercise regularly, you can potentially create a sort of expansion in the blood vessels of the feet. This has the wonderful ability to nourish the nerves that are damaged back to health completely. You can start by simply walking every day and then slowly increasing the pace of your walks and also the distance you cover.

Spoil your feet- If your feet are affected by pain because of nerve damage, then it is time to truly start focusing on proper foot care. When a person has nerve pain, their sensations are impaired, this makes it much more likely to get injuries and also infections. You can mitigate this risk by making sure that you take time to wash your feet on a daily basis, by wearing shoes that are comfortable and also by seeing a podiatrist on a regular basis.


Soak the pain away- Sometimes, a warm bath has the potential to be the easiest, and the least expensive as well, home treatment for pain in the nerves. Warm water has the ability to increase the flow of blood to the legs and can thus help ease a lot of the stress as well. Make sure that water is not too hot though that you burn yourself.

Bottom Line

So, after going through this blog, you should now know what are some home remedies for your sciatic nerve pain. Well, light therapy can be one of the best methods of therapy

However, please consult a doctor before deciding, and diagnose the situation appropriately. So, getting rid of the sciatic pain is very easy if it's not too much.