The Best Organic Jaggery Brands in India in 2023

The Best Organic Jaggery Brands in India in 2023

The Best Organic Jaggery Brands in India in 2023

Jaggery, Gur, or Vellam have been known to promote a healthy lifestyle. It is appreciated for its delicious taste and healthy properties everywhere.

Doctors, fitness enthusiasts, and nutritionists all recommend the consumption of jaggery and other natural sweeteners in place of white sugar. It makes sense too! Organic jaggery is jam-packed with nutrients and therapeutic properties, and it can easily replace white sugar.

With so many brands manufacturing jaggery, it is difficult to differentiate between low-quality and high-quality jaggery. To sort out this dilemma, we have selected the 5 best jaggery brands in India based on the quality, taste, and process of manufacturing.

Before looking at the best jaggery brands in India, it is crucial to know more about the various forms of jaggery and to find the best type of jaggery for your regular use.

You must have heard of only sugarcane jaggery, but you’d be surprised to know that there are a few different types available: Date Palm jaggery, Coconut Sap jaggery, Spiced jaggery, and much more.

Let’s have a look at it!

Table of Contents

  • Which Type of Jaggery is Best For You: Block, Liquid, or Granulated Jaggery?
  • Four Factors To Help You Select The Best Jaggery Brand in India
  • Five Best Jaggery Brands in India
  • FAQs: The Best Organic Jaggery Brands in India in 2023
  • Conclusion


Which Type of Jaggery is Best For You: Block, Liquid, or Granulated Jaggery?

You can buy jaggery in three varieties: solid block, liquid syrup, and powdered form. Although all three are made from the same sugarcane juice, they possess different levels of nutrients.

For instance, liquid jaggery has higher levels of calcium than solid and powdered jaggery. Block and powdered jaggery have higher levels of phosphorous and iron and provide more calories than liquid jaggery.

So, to improve haemoglobin levels, block and granular jaggery will be more effective, and to improve calcium levels, liquid jaggery will be more helpful.

Based on your needs, you can include different forms of jaggery in your daily meals. You can learn more about the benefits of jaggery in All About Sugarcane Jaggery Powder - Benefits, Uses, and More and 10 Amazing Date Palm Jaggery Benefits - Guide 2023

Let’s move on to see what qualities you must look for in jaggery and identify the best jaggery brand in India.


Four Factors To Help You Select The Best Jaggery Brand in India

There are numerous brands that manufacture jaggery. But, with the rise of adulterated jaggery on the market, it is difficult to find the best jaggery brand. Here are four factors that will help you analyze the quality of jaggery from any brand:

1.   The process of making jaggery

The process of making jaggery is really important to ensure the best quality of jaggery. The sugarcane juice used to make jaggery undergoes a series of steps like settling, clarification, boiling, cooling, moulding, etc.

Many companies use a lot of chemicals (phosphoric acid, sodium hydrosulphite, and sodium bicarbonate) to control pH, clear impurities, and enhance the colour of sugarcane juice. These chemicals improve the appearance and taste of jaggery.

However, they have adverse effects on the nutrients present in jaggery. There’s a vegetative alternative to these chemicals: Wild Okra or Deola. It doesn’t affect the nutrients, and it clarifies the sugarcane juice.

So, always check if the jaggery is processed chemically or by using natural substances to get the most out of jaggery.


2.   Colour of the jaggery

“How come jaggery is available in different colours?

Think about it! As said above, several chemicals are used to improve the appearance or colour of the jaggery.

The traditionally made jaggery has a darker colour, very close to brown. A lighter shade implies highly processed jaggery. So, consider the colour and choose the option with the darkest hue.


3.   Taste of the jaggery

The taste of jaggery depends on the quality of the sugarcane juice. Many times, low-quality sugarcane juice is adulterated with white sugar or corn syrup. Also, the sweetness of organic jaggery has an earthy taste and doesn’t taste like sugar. It is less sweet than sugar.

Adulterated jaggery can be overly sweet or might taste a little salty (due to the bicarbonates used in the processing of sugarcane juice). So, taste the jaggery to see if it’s pure.


4.   The texture of the jaggery

The highly processed jaggery is more crystalline in texture. Break a small piece from the jaggery block and feel it between your fingers. If it has more crystals, it is not pure jaggery.

The above four pointers are easy to apply while selecting the best jaggery brand in India or anywhere in the world. The next time you are going jaggery shopping, remember to watch out for these.

Okay, now it’s time to see the five best jaggery brands in India.


Five Best Jaggery Brands in India

These five jaggery brands provide natural, organic jaggery. They are easily available on different online platforms. Let’s check them out!

1.   Two Brothers Organic Jaggery

Two Brothers Organic Farms (TBOFs) is a well-known brand in India. It has been praised for its organic farming approach and sustainable products. TBOF’s jaggery is sourced from organic sugarcane crops. It is free from pesticides and chemicals. The sugarcane juice is slow-cooked traditionally in Iron pots, and Wild Okra is used to clarify it.

  • The jaggery has an authentic taste, colour, and texture.
  • It is made from native sugarcane varieties.
  • It is rich in nutrients.
  • It is handmade and sun-dried.

Moreover, TBOF provides various types of jaggery: Sugarcane Jaggery, Crushed Granular Sugarcane Jaggery, Spiced Jaggery, Sugarcane Jaggery Nuggets, and Liquid Sugarcane Jaggery (Kaakvi), Date Palm Jaggery, and Coconut Sap Jaggery.


2.   B&B Organics

B&B Organic’s jaggery is made from sugarcane juice. The sugarcane juice is not bleached or refined. It is made without the use of any artificial sweeteners, colouring agents, or chemicals. It is free from pesticides and preservatives.

You can find the following jaggery products: Sugarcane Jaggery Powder and Herbal Jaggery powder.


3.   Organic India

Organic India’s jaggery is made from organic sugarcane. It contains no chemicals or additives. It is available in granular/ powdered form and is available in a 500 gm pack.

Store it in an airtight container to protect it from moisture, and you can use it for a year.


4.   Praakritik

Prakritik is also an organic, homegrown brand in Maharashtra. This brand provides organic and natural products. The two types of jaggery sold by Prakritik are block and powdered jaggery.

The jaggery has a yellow to brown colour and is available in a 900 gm pack. The shelf life mentioned is 9 months when kept in a cool and dry place.


5.   Organic Tattva

Organic Tattva is known for its organic and natural grocery products. Their jaggery is made from 100% sugarcane juice. They provide all three types of jaggery: block, granular, and liquid.

The jaggery is organic, free from additives, unrefined, and unadulterated. It is available in 500 g and 1 kg packs.


FAQs: Best Organic Jaggery Brands in India in 2023

Can we eat jaggery on an empty stomach?

If you have problems with acidity, constipation, or indigestion, having jaggery in a glass of warm water will definitely help you. Jaggery increases metabolism and promotes good digestion. It is helpful in treating issues of bloating, insomnia, and irregular bowel movements.

What is the difference between organic jaggery and normal jaggery?

Organic jaggery is better than normal jaggery in many ways. It is made from organically grown sugarcane and is free from insecticide or pesticide traces. It is unrefined and not treated with chemicals to clarify or bleach. Free from additives and binding agents. It is pure, has a delicious earthy flavour, is dark in colour and is full of nutrients. While normal jaggery can have traces of chemicals, it is highly processed and contains fewer nutrients than organic jaggery. It is lighter in colour and tastes like sugar.  

How much jaggery should we eat in a day?

A healthy person can eat about 5 to 10 grams of jaggery every day. Jaggery is rich in minerals and antioxidants, so consuming it will fulfil a part of your daily nutrient intake.

Can diabetics eat jaggery every day?

Yes, diabetics can replace their daily quantity of sugar with jaggery, in tea and coffee. Also, the amount of jaggery consumed should be discussed with the doctor. After all, jaggery is also sweet, and when consumed in excess, it can cause a rise in blood sugar levels.



That sums up our search for the “Best Jaggery Brands in India in 2023”!

It is a wise choice to replace your white sugar with organic jaggery. Consuming organic jaggery is the key to several health benefits. The traditionally made jaggery is of the highest quality. Don’t forget to look at the process, sugarcane variety, and other factors before buying jaggery.

Here’s a tip to help you if you aren’t sure about the quality of the jaggery brand: buy small quantities to check their quality. By doing so, you can save yourself and your family from consuming adulterated, unhealthy jaggery.

Why don’t you try out Two Brothers Organic Farms jaggery products? They are organic, of high quality, and chemical-free. Check out these jaggery products: organic Block Jaggery, Spiced Jaggery, Granular Jaggery and Sugarcane Jaggery, Nuggets.