Best Mental Health Platforms in Dubai

Best Mental Health Platforms in Dubai

Best Mental Health Platforms in Dubai

Mental health issues are becoming increasingly common, or perhaps, there is an increasing awareness about their presence and impact. Unfortunately, there are still many issues that one must contend with when dealing with the mind's problems.

Firstly, there is the problem of social stigma. Then, since the symptoms tend to vary from person to person, identifying the disorders and issues is more complex.

But the most salient issue is the treatment. Unlike physical ailments that are easier to treat, or at least, the treatment route is less complex, mental issues do not have a fixed formula that the experts can input to get the output of a healthy patient.

It requires therapy, lifestyle interventions, sometimes medication, and a lot of will on the patient’s part to get better. Finding the right expert is also no mean feat. Therefore, it is vital to know the platform that has experts that one can consult when in time of need.


Best Mental health platforms in Dubai


Fitcy Health

Fitcy Health amongst the leading mental health platforms in Dubai, carrying an impressive array of experts. There are also many other features that make Fitcy Health our top contender for the best mental health platform in Dubai. These include:

Wide range of therapists to choose from

Since you need to be comfortable with your therapist, finding the right therapist is important; just any doctor unfortunately might not do. It does not mean that the problem is with you or the expert; it just means that your energies do not match. Therefore, it is vital to have a range of experts to choose from. psychologist in dubai

Fitcy health carries a wide variety of profiles of experts, so you can connect with experts whom you deem the right fit. Even if things do not work out initially, instead of disbanding the process, you choose from another expert and continue the healing journey.


Different packages available

Mental health is not cheap, which is ironic; the process of ending mental anguish should not be inducing more stress. Understanding this pain point, Fitcy Health has introduced different packages so the help is more economical.


Online therapy is more convenient

Often, commuting is a big issue when getting help for mental health. It is expensive, you must arrange for help around the house, it takes a lot of time and might get in the way of people’s way of getting help.

Fitcy Health, on the other hand, is entirely virtual, so all people need is a good internet connection and a device with a camera.


Experts to help you deal with a variety of issues

Different mental health experts have different subspecialities, but people can be afflicted with different mental health issues at a time. At Fitcy Health, you can find experts on a wide range of mental health problems.


Verified experts

Fitcy Health carries experts that are not just qualified, but also verified as well. It means that you can be assured of getting quality service, which is of utmost significance.


Round the clock support

You never know when your mind takes a turn for the worse; when the remark makes you feel horrible, when you feel unsettled, and when you need more comfort.

Hence, it is important to know that you can get support whenever there is an emergency, and not wait for days to reach your doctor. Fitcy Health offers round-the-clock support to its members.


Linguistic support

Since people living in Dubai come from different ethnicities, language can be a barrier. Experts at Fitcy Health are usually fluent in different languages so you can choose from whichever is native to you.


Word of advice

It is pertinent that if you are struggling with issues of mental health, that you seek help. The advantage of online platforms like Fitcy Health is that help is available immediately. Do not delay help, as mental health is nothing to make light of.