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Shanbhag Pharmacology

Shanbhag Pharmacology


Shanbhag Pharmacology

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4th Edition (New Revised Edition)

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Download Shanbhag Pharmacology pdf 4th Edition, 20 MB Google Drive link for free, high-quality pdf. 

Shanbhag Pharmacology is a concise book of pharmacology for those who find KD Tripathi Pharmacology hard to study. This book is written by Dr. Tara V Shanbhag, a renowned Indian pharmacologist, and Dr. Smita Shenoy, a professor of pharmacology. 

The 4th edition of the "Shanbhag Pharmacology" textbook is an extensively revised and updated version, with new topics added such as drug dosage forms and calculation of dosage of drugs. The book includes simple diagrams, flowcharts, tables, and student-friendly mnemonics to aid in understanding. The text is presented in a tabular format for quick reading and recall. This book will be useful for medical students, practicing doctors, and postgraduates of pharmacology and other clinical subjects for quick revision of pharmacology and therapeutics. The inclusion of a cardiovascular drug summary table makes for quick revision. Overall, the book is an essential resource for anyone studying or practicing pharmacology.

Overall, "Shanbhag Pharmacology" is a comprehensive and easy-to-understand textbook that is widely used by medical students in India to study the principles of pharmacology and the use of drugs in clinical practice.


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