How to live a life

How to Live a Life

(How To Live A Life)

Everyone's act of today represents their future. Your success depends upon your act you are doing in every moment of your life. Everyone dreams about three things in their life that is money, name, and fame and another one is happiness. If you will not get all these things in time then you will never feel real happiness, you will spend your full life in stress. But if you know how to live life then sure you will be the rising star of tomorrow. You know very well about it but you don’t know how to implement it. Some of the tips on how to live life are given below.

1. Comfortable time table

This is the most deciding factor to live a life. If you are not following a comfortable time table then you cannot focus on those activities which are necessary to do. So, a comfortable routine is necessary to act on any activity. It should be in the correct order at what time you are sleeping, at what time you are waking up, at what time you are having food, at what time you are studying. In that time table, there should be regarding extra curriculum activity too. If you are following routine be sure you can easily implement other tips. This is one of the best ways to live a life.

2. Sleeping activity

Everyone, even you are badly affected by the sleeping disorder. You can maintain your time for activities but you cannot maintain proper time for sleeping. We are surrounded by accessories, gadgets with internet facilities. While following the time table you can act on every activity besides sleeping time. At the sleeping time we all start to use mobile or any gadget. You cant notice how 2-3 hours pass out. Rules of nature is that you must need proper sleep to get focused on any activity either in study or ECA. When you sleep late at night of course you will wake up late. If you go against nature then it's hard to achieve the dream of your life. You cant feel the freshness of nature. One interesting fact is that the beauties of nature can be only felt during the sunshine. The fresh air you will breathe, the song sang by bird, the promises you will do with nature will give you more positive vibes. It will bring a more confident level to you. Finally your day will be fruitful. Some of the advantages and disadvantages of sleeping on time are mentioned below.


  • it will decrease your immune system
  • you cannot think properly which will decrease your decision-making capacity.
  • The risk of many more diseases will increase like cancer and diabetes.
  • Increases the stress level and anger.
  • You will lose the shininess of your face and skin.

When you have not taken proper sleep then you cannot create a healthy environment with your friend. The whole day you will feel lazy and unhealthy.

Advantages of proper sleep

  • Increases decision-making capacity.
  • You will feel healthy and smart.
  • You can encourage yourself to do your best in life.
  • Free from diseases
  • You can enjoy the beauty of nature.
  • Finally you can follow your daily routine properly.

3. Give time to your friend and share happiness with each other

Friends are your weakness and strength too. If anyone knows you better then your parents then it is only your friend with whom you are surrounded.  They know your weakness and strength very well they will help you, encourage you and will teach you how to fight with your problem. When you are surrounded by a positive friend then be sure you are learning something different from your book. They will teach you the actual lesson of your life. In this way, this is one of the best ways to live a life by giving time to positive friends and sharing happiness with each other.

4. Be kind and loving

In life even small happiness matters a lot. If you will develop the kindness nature then it will pay back you later on. If you have habits to love the people surrounding you then everyone will respect you. This is the phenomenon of nature. You cannot expect respect without showing love and kindness towards others. These habits will add happiness in your life and you will leave a beautiful life.