Preventive measures of coronavirus

A stranger, The Destroyer; The corona virus

Everyone is a stranger in this world. When a baby is born for his/her everyone is cent percent, stranger. They grow, they started to feel the love and care given by their parents. It brings strong bonding and attachment between them. It means a stranger becomes closer to anyone it depends upon the nature of the stranger either their attitude carries positive vibes or negative vibes. If the stranger is with a positive attitude we started to become closer and more friendly but if the stranger is with a negative attitude we started to stay away from them.

Now let's talk about the present situation, for every people a stranger with a unique character has appeared on this earth that is none other than a devil for every people, the coronavirus.

Similarly, let's talk about the story of a doctor. For a doctor, every patient who used to visit their clinic is also a stranger for a doctor. When a doctor uses to treat a patient, Strong love and care started to develop internally in every doctor. After that a patient a doctor started to handle that patient more carefully. They treat them at their own risk and finally become capable to bring a smile in the patient face. In the end, a loving and caring attitude of doctors started to create huge respect in the patient and two strangers bind within the friendship circle.

Now, in a current situation, a patient suffering from COVID-19 became the death taker of the doctor. A person cannot change their attitude which is inherent by birth. Similarly, a doctor cannot stop treatment if a patient is seeking help. Many doctors lose their life while saving the life of COVID-19 patients. All most all doctor is still working for the betterment of patients at their own risk. The same patient is taking the life of a doctor it is because of coronavirus.

It's time to take a step to eliminate the coronavirus forever. Coronavirus is taking the life of people, the government becoming weak day by day. Many people are dying because of a shortage of food. People are becoming jobless.

If you want to help your government, if you want to help those doctor who is still working day and night, if you want to help those people who are dying because of hunger, if you want to help yourself please follow the following safety measure to eliminate this virus from your society, your country and from your world.

Preventive measures

1. Wash your hand frequently

Wash your hand frequently with sanitizer or hand wash as it kills the virus that may be on your hand.

2. Maintain social distancing

Try to maintain some distance from any person to avoid the liquid droplets which come from coughing and sneezing.

3. Avoid touching eyes, nose, and mouth

If you are contaminated and if you will touch your eyes, nose, and mouth then the virus will easily enter inside your body and you will be infected.

4. Practice respiratory hygiene

Try to stay away from those people who are not following rules and regulations regarding safety during sneezing and coughing.

5. If you have a fever, cough, and difficulty in breathing seek medical care early

This activity will prevent the spread of coronavirus from one person to another. It will also help to collect information about the situation in your area.

6. Stay informed and follow the advice given by your healthcare provider

Try to listen to the news about the development of COVID-19. It will help you to provide more safety measures.

7. Finally follow the rules made by the government

Every country is doing its best to spread coronavirus. They are implanting many rules and regulations. It's our humble request to follow those rules.

If you can follow all those rules honestly then within a few days we can change in every country. The death rate will decrease, the case will recover rapidly. Stay safe, be smart, be kind, and supportive. Pray god to eliminate this stranger, destroyer, The coronavirus